Art Related Websites

  • Pixel Art Icon Generator.

  • A great tutorial about making visual novel sprites.

  • Another tutorial by the same artist about making backgrounds. .

  • Useful RPG Maker sprite bases.

  • How to make a zine!.

  • Pixel art resources!.

  • Capoeria Resources

  • An amazing, not that expensive book that explains Capoeria sooo well. I can't reccomend it enough..

  • The Reddit Capoeria page, super great and provides a lot of resources.

  • A kind of short but useful capoeira history page.

  • Literally a godsend, you can find so many different Capoeira song lyrics here.

  • A youtube channel that goes over different moves. I've used it before to learn some moves when I first started training.

  • A martial arts wiki that has some capoeira related content in it. You have to kind of look for information more then the other sites though.

  • This one is a bit more niche then the other links but if you are in NYC, this is a great place to A: go to events, and B: start training if you are interested. (I've actually met the person who runs this school a few times, she is so nice and awesome."

  • This comes with tons of free PDF's. Need I say more? (some of the links are down, sadly.)

  • An interesting blog that talks about capoeira experiences the writer has. It's a pretty personal look at some of these topics, and it is pretty cool. They also have a discord server, but it's not that active:

  • Ok, this website is like, 10/10. It has a TON of resources about moves and other topics. Funny enough, I've also seen this guy at events quite a few times. He really knows his stuff.